Was Genghis Khan Successful Or Feared Conqueror?

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Out of the two legacies Genghis Khan created, the one he is most accredited for is the accreditation of the modern world was that he was a feared conqueror. Temujin was not born a warrior, he was weak and needed help with his army in order to become the most successful and feared conqueror than those who proceeded him along his journey. His upcoming as a child taught him that family would betray you quicker than your friends. Resulting in, Temujin putting more trust in his friends more than family. When he conquered, he gave the people of the land two decisions. Those decisions were either to do as he says and he will protect them, or if the people did not do as he requested, he would raid and kill them. With his demeanor, he became a victorious conqueror.

An example of how Genghis Khan was a feared military conqueror is in
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Many civilizations feared the Mongols. They were described as vicious amongst many civilizations. When they attacked the planned carefully and often smart. They would trick their enemies into coming to unknown territories where they were the only ones who knew how to maneuver through such as forests. Often more times than others, when they came upon territory that denied them the acquisitions they would want to acquire or the land that they wanted to have, they would start a battle and kill off the people of the land. One event in which he used his feared military power is when his favorite nephew is killed with an arrow. He asked the mother what she deemed to happen and she requested that they all be killed and put in pyramids by men, women, and children. Although the army of Genghis Khan killed at an unprecedented rate and use death almost as a matter of policy and certainly as a calculated means of creating terror, they deviated from standard practices of the time in an important and surprising way
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