Was Germany Responsible For The Holocaust Essay

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Many theories exist today to show that not only Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust. Many different forces, people, and ideas were at work to achieve this monumental tragedy which still rocks our world to this day. The evidence showing one of the main factors to achieve this event was the condition that Germany itself as a people, and a country, were facing after World War I. The fact that Germany played a major role in this event made it even harder for it’s people as many harsh conditions were put onto it in the end. As Germany was just exiting WWI the Allies felt as though further punishment should be administered because they felt Germany had started the war. The treaty which ended the war was called the Treaty of Versailles and was…show more content…
The treaty proved to cause German discontent, and when it was not enforced caused problems within their own government. For Germany, the terms were too harsh, they lost land, their military, and the biggest problem the Germans has was that only they were blamed for the war (FJKFHSFJHDSF). This caused the Germans to dislike their own government and in turn turn to more ‘promising’ rule. When they put the military clauses into the treaty all the countries said they would enforce it. None of them did. If you had been insulted, and the Germans believed they were, you might brood for a week or so, they did for close to 20 years. When putting in the war clause Germany was blamed for the entire war when in reality Austria-Hungary was the first to attack and therefore should have been blamed for the war (LFJLKDSFJFJD). This ‘war guilt clause’ as the Germans called it made it seem to the rest of the world that only they were the madmen and not their neighbors which called up
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