Was Grover Cleveland A Good President

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Most people agree that a president should be a good leader, with strong beliefs, with the will to stay strong in what you think, and to do what you say you will, Grover Cleveland unlike some presidents did these things. Furthermore Grover Cleveland met most of these standards which is way he was a good president. Grover Cleveland was a democrat who, was president in 1885-1889, and 1893-1897. We can learn from the fact that he was elected twice he was a good president. A closer look at how Grover Cleveland was a good president was how he fulfilled the seven presidential roles. For instance when he was in his second term the panic of 1893 caused him to take charge and call congress into session so they could get to work and try to find a solution to the problem. Which shows him being guardian of the economy. In addition another example of Grover Cleveland fulfilling the seven presidential roles is how he would veto any bill he disliked. Cleveland vetoed hundreds of bills, which shows him being chief legislative. Also he successfully nominated two justices to the Supreme Court, which shows him being chief executive. As a result of fulfilling the seven presidential roles Grover Cleveland became a good president.…show more content…
An instance of this can be seen when the panic of 1893 happened, he responded by repealing the Sherman silver act which prevented reduction of the government's gold resources. He also was diagnosed with epithelium, and had a surgery in secret to get rid of the ulcer it had given him. He had the surgery in secret so it wouldn't panic the people who were in financial depression anymore than they already were. In conclusion Grover Cleveland's responses to major events aided him in being a good
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