Was Hercules Really A Hero Essay

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Was Hercules A Hero? Every person has a hero, or at the very least, a person that they look up to in life. The ancient greeks were no exception to this common relationship. Hercules, the son of a human woman and Zeus, king of the gods, was someone greek culture revered and labelled a hero, as he overcame all odds to slay many monsters that threatened greek society. Though only a myth, Hercules’ legacy lives on due to this role model status many have bestowed upon him. However, Hercules is very far from the perfect role model. Although many claim Hercules’ heroism, Hercules does not deserve the title of ‘hero’ that so many have given him, as his heinous crimes and dishonorable traits outweigh the little good he brought into the world. Hercules, the product of an affair between…show more content…
When Hercules became an adult, Hera sent Hercules an uncontrollable fit of rage which resulted in the murder of his wife and children. This event prompted Hercules to seek guidance from the oracle of Apollo to atone for his crimes. The oracle ordered Hercules to complete ten labors, and he would be forgiven and granted immortal life on Mount Olympus after death. Hercules, in the end, completed twelve labors as he did not receive credit for two of the labors for various reasons. This is the reason many consider him a hero, though these acts do not describe Hercules’ disrespectful, selfish, and confrontational nature. Hercules, after completing these acts, was sent into another fit of rage by Hera. This resulted in the murder of a house guest who was at Hercules’ estate, leading Hercules to seek atonement for his crime from the oracle once more. This time, however, the oracle refused to speak with Hercules or give him guidance on how to right the wrongs he has done. Hercules, who became enraged, started to destroy the temple and stole the sacred stool the oracle sat on, and refused to return it until the oracle agreed to help him. This
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