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Happiness. Happiness can be taken away in seconds. Not even seconds, nor microseconds, maybe even quicker than a nanosecond. Hiroshima, Japan was in a happy state of mind when in a small amount of time it was ruined. Ypung kids see an American B-29 come by and don’t expect much when all of a sudden all anyone can see is black smoke and debris. Kids and others frightened at the sights they saw when the blackness rose, skin burned off, people holding an organ, and many other frightening things. Was the dropping the bomb in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified? Do others believe it was a good idea? The correct answer is we don’t know. Just like many other political statements, millions disagree on this topic. Yes, it did prevent others from dying, and no, it killed hundreds of thousands innocent people. So the bombing of Hiroshima is both justified and not justified. The first point you could make is yes, the bomb was 100 percent justified and it was a good idea. War is an awful thing that our world has to go through, because many die and lots of land is damaged. An article that agrees the bomb was good claims, “On Okinawa, only a few weeks before Hiroshima, 123,000 JApanese and Americans killed each other. War is immoral. War is cruel.” (Document B). This shows…show more content…
Why would killing so many people ever be justified? First off the Japanese were nearly done before the bombing , so the bomb wasn’t necessary. “The JApanese were already defeated and ready to surrender...” (Document 6). This quote shows that the bomb was not necessary and was just the United States showing off a new weapon they had. Also, a lot of people died in both the bombing of NAgasaki and Hiroshima. A chart shows that 135,000 people either died or were injured somehow, and at Nagasaki 64,000 people were killed or injured, proving that there is no way every single one of those people hurt were military. Therefore, the bomb was an awful solution to an almost solved

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