Was Hitler A Modernist Artist

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Unknown people stomping through a Jewish house, rampaging through belongings and taking anything that catches their eye. During World War Two this was the case if you were Jewish or a modernist artist. Germany had tried to put a hold on imagination by selling and destroying artwork that went against Hitler 's ways. He would send in soldiers to take whatever they could get their hands on. This was in the period of the Holocaust where an evil dictator named Hitler would murder innocent Jewish families for his own twisted self. He would take paintings and possessions from Jewish families, and then sell them for absolutely nothing just to prove that they were worthless. In an attempt to remove degenerate art, Hitler, a failed artist, would go to great length to rid the world of modern artwork, artists, and museums that didn’t meet his anti-Semitic standard.…show more content…
Hitler applied to the Vienna Academy of Arts twice, and got rejected twice. Thus began his hatred towards modernists (Why Hitler Stole). Before WWI Hitler was broke, living in a homeless shelter making paintings that would sell to the equivalent to $10 (Dolnick 56). Once Hitler came to power he forced artists to either conform to Hitler or to flee (Why Hitler Stole). Any artwork that Hitler didn’t like would be sold or burned after it wasn’t sold (Why Nazi-seized). Now people have made the art restoration laws, like in Austria it is illegal to buy artwork for less than it is worth from this period of time(Why Nazi Seized). What 's weird is that Hitler was a failed artist and with all of that hatred he is now trying to get rid of art and stealing it from
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