Was Hitler Responsible For The Holocaust Essay

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Was Hitler a Ruthless tyrant, masterful tactician, or a cowardly leader? The Holocaust was the systematic persecution and murder of around six million Jews by Hitler and the Nazi party. First the Jews were first regularly transported by trains to extermination camps, there were killed in gas chambers. This continued until April–May 1945. Hitler had the ruthlessness and means to solely plan a genocide in 1925 . As a youth he was rejected by a Jew, he mistakenly believed the loss of World War 1 was due Jewish weakness and creating a genocide gave him a reason to break the Treaty of Versailles. On the other hand, Hitler was not an opportunist or a functionalist as didn't have any assistance for the Holocaust because he was a powerful, single minded individual and was blamed by other Nazi members in court. Due to the substantial amount of evidence found, the internationalist idea of Hitler intending and planning the Holocaust in 1925 is the most likely opinion. Adolf Hitler was solely responsible for planning and issuing the genocide of the Jews. He first came up with methods to eradicate the Jewish population while he was serving his prison sentence in 1925.…show more content…
His past involved disagreement with Jews which led to Hitler accusing the Jewish for losing the First World War and the creation of the Treaty of Versailles. With a goal in mind Hitler prepared for the Holocaust by first destroying the Treaty to free Germany, which made the mass killing possible. In the final analysis, even though the evidence points to Hitler intending and planning the Holocaust in 1925, it is still debatable due to the lack of physical evidence of Hitler ordering the Holocaust. But no matter what opinion you choose, he is still liable for the deaths of millions of Jews as the head of the Nazi

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