Was Homer Responsible For The Iliad

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Homer is the greatest Greek poet of all time. He was born between the 12th and the 8th century,possibly on the coast of the Asia Minor. He was born in 800 BCE and died in 701 BCE. He was born and died in Greece. Homer was even born before there was a calendar! Homer is responsible for the first literature known as the epic poem. He wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey, which are both epic poems. The Iliad is about how and when Achilles killed Hector in the exciting climax of the trojan war. The Odyssey is about the treacherous journey of Odysseus during his many years of wandering after the fall of Troy. Homer is a minstrel poet or balladeer. Minstrel means he wrote poems about heroic people or events, like the Iliad. Balladeer means he wrote
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