Delta Company Case Summary

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In this case, Frank, a resident from California purchased a table saw the local Home Depot store in California. Delta Company or “DC” produces and sells many products, including table saws. Their headquarters is located in New York, but they also must do business around the world. Although Delta Company sells and produces the table saws, the Home Depot store also carries them in stock. One day, Frank was in his garage when he needed to reach a toolbox off of a high shelf in his garage. So, he decided to put the table saw at an angle against the cabinet and climbed onto the table saw in hopes of reaching his toolbox. Frank loses his balance and is injured when he falls onto the blade. Frank is now suing Delta Company for his injuries, at a total of $300,000. The legal issue in this case boils down to whose fault it was for the injuries Frank sustained. Was it Frank’s fault or Delta Company’s fault? In this case, Frank is a resident of California, but can choose to have the case brought against Delta Company in California or New York. Frank is able to decide in this case where he wants his trial to be heard. Frank can sue in California because he is a resident and homeowner there. However, he could also potentially choose to have the trial in New York because that is where the company’s headquarters are located. Home Depot is a well renowned home…show more content…
Delta Company will win this case because Frank must be mature enough to make a just decision. We can conclude Frank is mature enough, because he has a garage which means he must be a homeowner. Delta Company winning this case all goes to back to what a reasonable person would do. There is only one-way Frank could potentially win this case. The only possible way Frank could win is if Delta Company failed to put adequate warning labels on the table saw Frank purchased. After the trial, Delta Company will win the case against
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