Was Jamestown A Successful Colony

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Jamestown, a successful colony Imagine yourself at a colony that no one really cared about planting or building shelters to keep safe. That would’ve failed if it wasn’t for John Smith. That colony that I chose was called Jamestown, a colony or a settlement. Jamestown had become the first successful British colony because of ho w they have peace with the Indians, how they have a determined leader, John Smith, and how they have a cash crop, tobacco. These examples are why Jamestown had become a successful colony. One reason that I believe why Jamestown was a successful colony is because the people there had a responsible leader. For example, on the Reflections textbook on page 163, it states, “Jamestown would have been another Roanoke if it hadn’t been for Captain John Smith, a soldier, explorer, and a writer. When he became leader of Jamestown, he made an important rule for the colonists-anyone who did not work, did not eat.” This means that he was very clever to make up the rule for anyone that didn’t work, will not eat. Another example is on the article, “,” it states, “By the end of the first year, most of the settlers had died of starvation or diseases. After the disastrous…show more content…
For instance, on the Reflections textbook on page 164, it states, “By 1613, Boise had found a West Indian tobacco that proves to be very popular in England. The colonists at Jamestown were soon growing tobacco as a cash crop-a crop that people used to sell.” This means that they had gotten richer by planting, growing and selling the West Indian tobacco. Another example is on an article called, it states, “By 1630, over a million and a half pounds of tobacco were exported from Jamestown every year.” This means that since they were selling a lot of tobacco, the richer they will be. This is another reason why Jamestown was a successful
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