Was Japanese American Internment Justified Essay

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Japanese Internment

Buses were taking people to an unknown destination. The buses were full of Japanese American men, women and children. They were all heading to internment camps. The event that caused this happened on December 7, 1941. On that day Japanese warplanes bombed an American naval base at Pearl Harbor. In response to the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt signed executive order 9066 in February 1942. Order 9066 allowed the removal of Japanese and Americans of Japanese descent from the pacific coast. This action was known as Japanese-Americans internment. The Japanese-Americans were forced to leave businesses and homes. Then they were sent to prison like camps. Over the years, many people asked the question, Was the Japanese American internment justified? The Japanese-American
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This means that the evidence was not reviewed enough to justify internment camps. This also means that the United States accidently or purposefully excluded information so they did not have to provide an explanation for why they did it. It also means that because the government did not release the documents that were detained individual people could not review it and say it was unjustified. ”An extensive effort was made to locate and review records of government action and to analyze other sources of information” (Personal Justice Denied...5). If the government did not make an extensive effort to search for evidence to justify internment camps, then why did they build them? In conclusion Japanese-American internment was unjustified because evidence was not reviewed enough to justify internment
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