Was Martin Luther King's Assassination Justified

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Malaysia Coxs Martin Luther king Jr’s assassination wasn’t justified because he was the leader of many civil rights movements, and a social activist, however others may think his assassination was just because he was too powerful. Crowds were screaming people were crying that’s the day Martin Luther King Jr, a legend died. He was one wonderful American Civil Rights leader during the 1960s. Martin was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1929. When he was fifteen he was enrolled at Moore House College. In 1948 he graduated from there “and like his father wanted to become a minister” (www.history.com ). Martin Luther King Jr lost his life trying to better lives of African American people” (www.history.com ). Martin participated…show more content…
“ (http://dictionary.reference.com/). Martin Luther King was a social activist who attempt to get rid of discrimination of unfair segregated laws in the south. He was a Baptist minister. A Baptist Minister is ‘a member of an evangelical protestant church of congregational polity.” (http://dictionary.reference.com/) He also was the head of the southern Christian conference that promoted nonviolent tactics. Martin Luther King Jr was an activist for nonviolence. He had many people following him. People kill very important individuals for their power because, power is the most valuable thing in the world. He was too powerful in society. Power means,” the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.” ( http://dictionary.reference.com/) So many people didn’t want him to influence, inspire or spark the minds of the world. In conclusion, martin Luther King Jr’s assassination was unjust because he was social activist ,and a motivational speaker.. Others thought he was to powerful. He has a famous speech known as I had a dream which was and still is inspirational to millions of African Americans. He knew how to lead protest and how to get people involved. Martin Luther king Jr will forever be a
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