Was Napoleon A Hero Or A Villain

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Napoleon- Son of the Revolution

If is often debated whether the French society that Napoleon Bonaparte constructed was for the better of the country, or for the worse. Napoleon was a brutal military dictator who changed France in many ways when he rose to power during the violence of the French Revolution. He was a powerful and competent leader who allowed France to experience the height of their empire, but he also caused many people to lose their lives due to the wars with other countries. Napoleon was a hero because his policies benefitted France greatly and provided stability by reflecting the principles of the French Revolution, which were life, liberty, and fraternity. Moreover, he increased the land that belonged to France and gave the people a sense of nationalism.
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Napoleon is often compared to Adolf Hitler for enforcing dictatorship. It is argued that Napoleon was selfish for wanting to dominate Europe, and having ruled France mercilessly. He rejected the idea of a government ruled without an absolute monarch and instead as a democracy or republic, and named himself the ruler because of his hunger for power. Beyond just naming himself the emperor, he also went on to put his own family members on the thrones of Europe. He was prejudiced against women because of his military background that made him more inclined to favoring the authority of men over women. However, although all of these events were true, the positive outcomes of each outweighs the negative. Napoleon was able to unite the country and maintain stability by limiting the powers of women and running the government with his relatives. If he were to cooperate with outsiders who did not see what his goal was, his reign would not be as notable as it is today. Overall, the unity of the country was maintained until Napoleon’s downfall because of his dictatorship and strict
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