Was Oliver Cromwell A Hero Or A Villain

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Who do you say Oliver Cromwell is? Was he a hero or was he a villain? People look back on what Cromwell did for Parliament and glorify him for how he destroyed all the enemies of Parliament. Others look at Cromwell as a traitor who let his ambition do the exact opposite of what Parliament fought for and cause him to kill anyone that opposed him. Oliver Cromwell was an important English military and political leader because of his instinctive ability to lead his men in the English Civil War and his great power and authority as Lord Protector. Cromwell lacked any official training in military tactics but his natural ability to lead and train his men and his moral authority made him a really important military figure. On August 22nd, 1642, when Charles raised his standard at Nottingham officially declaring the start of the English Civil War, Cromwell was on the side of the Parliamentarians or “Roundheads”. While serving in the Military, Cromwell was involved in a lot of military warfare, which included the Battle of Gainsborough, Battle of Marston Moor, Battle of Newbury II, Battle of Naseby, Battle of Langport, Battle of Preston, Battle of Dunbar, and also the Battle of Worcester. Cromwell started his military life initially as a captain of a cavalry troop, which was made a full regiment in the winter of 1642 and 1643, which made up part of the Eastern Association under the Earl of Manchester. After multiple successful campaigns such as the Battle of Gainsborough, which

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