Was Reconstruction A Success Or Failure

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The Civil War has just ended and the South had just lost to the North. Because the battle was mainly fought in the Southern territory the South was in a very unpleasant condition. Many homes were destroyed which meant families had no homes, business were wrecked which made many people jobless, a majority of the animals were dying or dead which caused the people to go into starvation. The South was in major need of help from the North to gain back its status. Trying to end slavery was a success. Ending slavery was probably the hardest success of the Reconstruction, because not everyone agreed. Of course many people didn 't want slavery to end because of their own selfish reasons. People didn 't want to have to do hard labor themselves or even pay people to do…show more content…
There were some successful plans for the Reconstruction and there were also some failures one of the main failures was the Ten Percent Plan, which conveyed 10% of voters from the South had to complete several steps to rejoin into the union once again. However, even though it was a strong plan the Republican Congress disagreed with the plan. Another failure during the Reconstruction was the Wade­Davis Reconstruction Bill, that needed over half of the voters of the South to pledge their loyalty oaths, once they took them then and only then would they be part of the Union once again. President Abraham Lincoln disliked this plan and turned down the plan. In 1876 there was a major election happening between Samuel J. Tilden who was representing the Democratic Party, and Rutherford B. Hayes representing the Republican Party. The votes were close Samuel was the prominent vote amongst the people. Yet, Rutherford was favored amongst the Electoral College. The Electoral College decided on who really wins and who loses. According to those votes Rutherford Hayes became the
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