Was Slavery Fair Or Unfair

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Discrimination: An Unfair Story Imagine being on a boat, not a cruise boat, but a boat ripping you away from your family and cramming you into an exceedingly small space. Only to take you to a new land where you are forced into labor for the rest of your life. This is what many Africans had to go through in the early stages of America. Even after slavery was deemed illegal, Africans were still ridiculed for their skin color. African slavery and discrimination were a huge problem in America for hundreds of years. To begin, slavery started soon after America was beginning to be colonized. The colonists needed workers for their plantations (American Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights Timeline). They used indentured servants, where colonists would pay for someone’s trip to America in trade for four to seven years of their service, but indentured…show more content…
The voyage they took in the boats was dreadful(Slavery in America). The Africans were crammed into the smallest of spaces with many other people for days at a time without seeing sunlight(Slavery in America). Then when they got to America they were forced into service.(Slavery in America) If they disobeyed their owner they were beaten or whipped (Slavery in America). The Africans were slaves for life and if they had children, their children were slaves also(slavery in America). The slaves were forced into terrible conditions in boats, forced to work, and beaten. Nevertheless, even though slavery ended in America, Africans were still treated dreadfully. Since they had been slaves, they were looked down upon by Caucasians(Slavery in America). They were restricted by many rules set by white people(Slavery In America). They could not use public bathrooms, drinking fountains, or go to the same schools with whites(American Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights Timeline).They were called racist names and made fun of(Slavery in America). Africans were disdained, restricted, and
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