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Introduction The atomic bomb left a huge impact on both the world of 1945 and the world today. It has left its legacy, both good and bad, on the citizens of Japan and America. Citizens from both countries can argue that the bombing was justified or unjustified, but an overwhelming amount of facts show that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was justified and necessary to end World War II. Thesis Statement: The atomic bomb dropped in 1945 by the United States instilled a fear of American retaliation in foreign countries, prevented another world war, and saved millions of Allied soldiers’ lives. Sub Topic 1 The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki instilled a fear of American retaliation in foreign countries. The atomic bomb…show more content…
Foreign countries resist attacking stronger countries such as the United States because they realize they would expect a retaliatory attack. Sub Topic 2 The atomic bomb has thwarted the start of another world war. “The possession of nuclear weapons among major world powers has helped prevent the outbreak of a third world war. The United States should abandon the endless pursuit of disarmament treaties, and instead concentrate on its own defenses by erecting a missile defense shield” (National Debate Topic). The atomic bombs brought World War II right to Japan’s doorstep. This wasn’t a war fought in Europe anymore- Japan was in the middle of a devastating attack. This attack urged Japanese leaders to surrender. The Japanese had lost more than soldiers. They lost citizens- men, women, children, and, most importantly, their pride in themselves and their country. “The atomic bombs gave Japanese peace advocates something that they did not have before- a tangible reason for wanting peace” (Atomic Bomb- Justified?). World War II had gone on long enough. U.S military officials needed something that would discourage any country from starting a World War III. The shock of an atomic bomb- something that had been newly developed and never used in warfare- would discourage the world from starting another devastating

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