Was The Peloponnesian War Inevitable

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What were the causes of the Peloponnesian war, and was war inevitable? One of the main causes of war is the disagreement between states on many subjects, and because of this many conflicts between these countries arise, war is something unpredictable, due to how unpredictable it is, it must be studied carefully based on individual circumstances, actions taken by both sides, and the reactions. To prevent war, one must examine the causes of a conflict, they must evaluate the outcome of the conflict, and determine other peaceful alternatives to prevent the conflict. The Peloponnesian war provides an excellent example to be evaluated. In the case of the Peloponnesian war, we have two different powers that were in control of Greece. Athens and Sparta as allies gained their independence from Persians that used to rule over Greece during the 480 BC. Sparta ruled with an oligarchic rule, which was a small group of…show more content…
Although if they remained neutral, Sparta might as well stay neutral, but without communication this can lead into an inaccurate assumption, and Sparta can attack, and if Sparta attacks while Athens are on the neutral side they will end up on the loosing side. The two states could’ve cooperated more if they had a more open communication towards each other during that time, if they both provided a better communication they could’ve both tell their true intentions, and war may have been averted. However usually states tend to assume that other states desire to control all of the land, even if they attempted to communicate and cooperate, could they trust on each other? Sparta knew that the Athens were aggressive especially under the control of Pericles, even though they wanted the balance of power, this aggression towards Sparta lead them to attack
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