Was The Spanish Inquisition Fair

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The Spanish Inquisition affected thousands of hundreds of people. The problem to be addressed is was the Spanish Inquisition fair and just to the people of Spain? Some say that it’s not fair because the Muslims had religious tolerance when they ruled Spain. Others argue that it is fair because it prevents further conflict between the people of Spain. Ultimately, the Spanish Inquisition wasn’t fair to the Muslims and Jews because they were contributing members of society, they were told that they needed to either convert to Catholic, or be exiled, and they had to leave all their belongings behind if they left. The Spanish Inquisition had a ton of impact on the people of Spain because the Muslims and Jews were contributing members of society. For example, the Muslims and Jews were a part of the educated middle class of Spain. They were highly educated people who promoted learning centers, and arts. In addition, Spain wasn’t able to grow. Since most of the Muslims and Jews were financiers and…show more content…
In particular, they needed to leave all of their cattles, vineyards, houses, and farms behind. Within three months, the Muslims and Jews were forced to sell all of their belongings for very small prices, to save themselves. Around fifty thousand Muslim families–or about two hundred fifty thousand people–were exiled out of Spain. Moreover, they weren’t allowed to bring gold or silver out of Spain.They were forced to exchange their silvers and golds for merchandise of cloths, skins, and other things which they were able to afford for less valuable items, in Spain. It could have also helped them to get much more expensive valuables outside of Spain, if they could bring gold and silver to other countries. The Muslims and Jews were compelled to leave their treasured valuables and lands because of the Spanish

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