Was The Treaty Of Versailles Fair To Germany

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To what extent was the treaty of Versailles fair to Germany?

“No treaty is ever an impediment to a cheat.”-Sophocles
During 4 bloody years, Europe and the rest of the world suffered from the first World War (1914-1918) .Eventually, war came to an end and peace was getting installed by the Famous Treaty of Versailles, signed on the 28th of June 1919 after months of arguments .This treaty consisted of 440 articles, whose aim were to punish Germany and other “enemies” countries and created new reforms to assure peace. However, the treaty of Versailles can be seen as an act of revenge but how far did the treaty go to avenge countries damaged by the war but most importantly was it fair?
Even though the treaty was intended to create peace, it can be seen as a rather punitive treaty against Germany. In fact during the treaty, Germany was excluded from the negotiations. The treaty devised people at Versailles, even the leaders of the Allies: David Lloyd George (Britain), Georges Clemenceau (France) and Woodrow Wilson (America) called “The Big Three” .However, ‘the big three’ made the treaty benefits their own cause too .The treaty who consisted of 15 parts and 440 articles was not widely accepted by the Germans but had no choice other than to sign it. The treaty strongly impacted Germany in many areas. The treaty was made to weaken Germany so they could not be a threat anymore, especially by taking Germany’s biggest powers. Firstly, military clause : the Army -was to be reduced to
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