Was Truman Animal Testing Justified

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Test Subject. When you hear those words you may imagine mice, pigeons, or even monkeys. However, animals are not the only ones who are unwillingly being turned into experiments. Not long ago, In July of 1945 scientists of the Manhattan Project were preparing themselves to witness the first ever Atomic Bomb explosion (ushistory). Soon after its invention, President Harry S. Truman decided to use this atomic warfare against Japan. The President justified his actions by claiming that he “used it in order to shorten the agony of war, in order to save the lives of thousands and thousands of young Americans.” (Long). However; Japan was inching closer and closer to surrender. Furthermore, no one was knowledgeable of the aftereffects such a “weapon”…show more content…
By the time Truman had to make his decision Japan’s military resources were eliminated (Blum 2). Not only were there naval ships and planes destroyed, but also, there “lifeline to oil was severed” (Blum 2). Additionally, the amount of firebombing taking place left Japan defenseless (Blum 2). The man in charge of air attacks, General Curtis Lemay even went as far to say that “there was nothing left of japanese cities but “garbage can targets”(Blum 2). All of these circumstances lead up to what would have been the surrendering of Japan before the bombs were dropped. Moreover, after the first bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, the Prime Minister, Kintaro Suzuki announced to the Japanese Cabinet that they had no choice but to surrender (Blum 2). However, they would not have time to do so since the second atomic bomb was dropped that same day in Nagasaki. This leads me to question Truman’s real motivation behind his decision. Why would you drop a bomb on a country that was on the brink of surrender? Even more questionable, why would you drop a second without giving adequate time for a
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