Was Truman Justified In Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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Truman and the A-Bomb The most powerful weapon America had in WWII, was also the most secret. The Atom Bomb was capable of wiping out an entire city with a blast radius of 3.5 miles. It was truly a killing machine. With such power comes the question, does anyone deserve such a fate? Truman was justified in dropping the A-Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dropping the bomb was an act of strategy, political reasoning and of moral reasoning. Dropping a bomb with such power puts fear into people and is what forced Japan to surrender to America in 1945. The ETO and the Island Hopping Campaign was a perilous fight that never seemed to end. Beginning when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, America joined the fight against Japan after declaring war in the ETO. President Roosevelt seemed to only slowly gain back the lost territory from Japan and Germany, as the two nations attacked the…show more content…
The bomb was an act of strategy because using the bomb would’ve ended the war quickly and effectively making it so the nations could work on rebuilding both countries faster. The bomb was a moral decision because Truman had two options, keep making the Japanese suffer or end the war quickly but face the amount of deaths. Truman simply put Japan out of it’s misery. The bomb was a political act because at the time we had shaky relations with Russia and the only way to make sure Russia wouldn’t attack America, was to show them how powerful America really is. Some may say, “What if Japan didn’t surrender?” The answer is very simple. America knew the risk being taken if Japan didn’t surrender and that is why America dropped a second atom bomb on Nagasaki to make sure they would surrender. In conclusion, Truman was justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan to end WWII. It was a demonstration and act of strategy, moral and politics. It’s truly hard to believe that the only thing that could end WWII, was the most secret weapon in all of
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