Was World War 1 Good Or Bad

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World War I showed people greater and worse sides of the world. It showed them the weak and the strong. Though some may disagree, World War I, was the most devastating war in history because it had unexpected results, took decades to shape, and lead Hitler to power.
The war helped topple monarchs Russia (World). This country is large, so it greatly affected it. The world was already falling apart. The peace treaties after the war carved new countries out of the defeated powers
(World). This could have been good or bad for countries. It is just depending on how they take it, if they get angry or not.
At the beginning of the war Europe had the leading position in world affairs, and by the end of it, it did not regain the power (World). Europe more than likely did not know
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Hitler promised to defy the Treaty of Versailles to restore German power (World). People thought this was a good thing Hitler was doing, so they listened to him. He now had more power than he ever did. In the years following the Central Powers’ defeat in World War I, unemployment was high, food and housing were expensive, and the German population resented the tough conditions of the Treaty of Versailles (Witherbee). Hitler was offering jobs, and people needed the money. Many people took the jobs not really knowing what they were doing. France and Britain chose to permit the re-armament with assurances from Hitler that he would not violate any of the treaty’s territorial clauses (Witherbee). France and Britain helped Hitler thinking he would not do anything to them. Sadly he ended up raiding Frances territory. The German people had been stabbed in the back following World War I and their fortunes had been ruined by the Communists and the Jewish people (Nelson). When the Germans were stabbed in the back they did not really know what to do. When Hitler said that he could make it better, they believed him. Hitler led the march, alongside Erich Ludendorff, former general of Germany’s
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