Wash Day Dress Case Study

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ABSTRACT This study investigate the comfortably of the students of University of Cebu-Main wearing the wash day attire. First, to those students always wear seductive clothes even though it is not a right place to wear it because these school not a club. Secondly, this studies to discipline all the students for them to look presentable the way they project themselves in front of the people. Thirdly, punishments are recommended if the students are not following the rules that are implemented in the school. Lastly, the head of the POD and SAO said that next year we will be only using one gate for all Senior High Students. To account for this, the researcher applied case study approach and conducted an interview to selected 50 students…show more content…
It introduces self-respect and showing to people how you act by wearing the clothes. It aims to be respected and to know how professional person would act. It aims to be seen in formal way by how a student dresses in an appropriate manner. Asking on our mind why our dearly students have their own dress codes which never fitted inside the school. It is like how we can start of being an obedient person when it is hard to follow simple things. A person with great minds never allows their selves to be rude in any rules. Being mindful consider their dresses as an aspect of learning. It never helps a person to learn when you wear suitable clothes or in other term alluring dress, not only for girls but on the person belongs in this community. It also helps the students to look decent and professional. People nowadays influence by the fashion industry which lead the students into wild as they dresses. The school never allows
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How can you encourage them to wear appropriate clothes?

This study was conducted to know how the students in a school are obsequious in terms of their way of dressing. On how they react and follow the school policy about wearing suitable dresses during their wash day. By the students show their self-respect and the knowledge that they have.
SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Senior High School student. The result of this study will make the students be aware of the clothes that they will be wearing and how they can obey the regulations that implemented by the school. And also to practice their selves in wearing formal clothes. Prefect of Discipline. The result of this study will let them know how to discipline more of the students who do not follow the regulation or the dress code of the school that is implemented. The Researcher. This study will help the researcher to have a clear understanding of how the students choose their clothes to wear inside the school and it also help us to understand the importance of following the school regulations.

Obsequious - obedient or attentive
Alluring - mysteriously attractive or fascinating; seductive.
Tattered jeans - torn or ragged
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