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How to Wash a Car Did you know that you could save time and money washing your car at home? Did you know that you could possibly do a better job, too? I have helped my brother wash his car a couple of times, so I have a very good idea of what to do.

Before you wash your car you must prepare. First, have some clothing on that will not be ruined by soap or water. Clothing that would be expected for this would be a raggedy or an old tee-shirt with a pair of run-down or dark colored shorts. I do not recommend dressing in white. Also, shoes like Crocs or dirty (old) tennis shoes would work very well. You could also wash your car barefoot. Next, have all of your resources you are going to use to wash the car with you, including a power washer
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To begin, take your hose or power washer and spray down your car. Get everywhere you possibly can, including under the car, mud flaps, mirrors, etc. Do not (if using a power washer) go in circular motions as this could cause left over water marks on the car. Next, take your washcloth and dry the car off. You could also do this by just letting it sit where it is, but it will take longer. Then, once it dries take your spray bottle and spray one area of the car. Use the clay bar and apply medium to low pressure and scrub. When the clay bar starts to get dirty you can fold it into itself which will give you a clean surface to work with. This step is completely optional, but does help the car look cleaner and newer. If you want you can take a vacuum and clean up your mats laying down under the seats. (The map where you set your feet when you are in the car). You could also decide to shake the mat to get rid of dirt, sand, gravel, or dust, but vacuuming is more effective. You can use water and soap to wash off the windshield or mirrors. If you have bugs or other small organisms smashed against the windshield you could use a power washer and spray them off. If you only have a hose, you can insert your thumb over half off the hose outlet which will result in a faster and stronger stream of

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