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Taking care of your car is important for a number of reasons. Primarily, doing something as simple as washing your vehicle can help you preserve the life of your vehicle because when you wash your car, you are washing off any debris that may have accumulated while on the roads or otherwise. Depending on where you live, you may find yourself frequenting the car wash more often than you may have planned on it. For example, if you live on Long Island, NY, chances are that you 'll walk out in the morning to find that the birds have had their way with the roof of your vehicle. Are you going to leave your car like that for a month, or are you going to wash it off as soon as you can?

Additionally, washing your car is important if you live on Long Island because on Long Island, you are surrounded by water- specifically the Atlantic Ocean. Why wouldn 't you want to rinse your car off? Even by rinsing your car off sans soap, you are at least rinsing off the salt residue that can cause a great deal of damage to your paint as well as the mechanical parts to your vehicle. For example, I travel to Long Island a great deal throughout the year because that is where my family is. After making another trip to Long Island, I noticed that my Jeep was making a funny noise. It was almost deafening when I reached speeds from 1 mile per hour
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Where was this salt residue? I didn 't see anything that looked like salt anywhere on my car. Sure, I hadn 't washed my car for months (which is highly unusual for me) because I had been busy with work and whatnot, but still the exterior of my vehicle wasn 't dirty! That was when the auto technician informed me that the salt had accumulated on the underside of my Jeep, specifically on the four-wheel drive casing. I couldn 't believe it. Just to think, if I had been regularly washing my car- especially since I had been traveling up there so much, I might have saved myself the trouble, not to mention the $200 it cost to have the problem

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