Washington Administration: Disagreements Between Jefferson And Hamilton

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47. Major crises faced by the Washington Administration: Small staff. Disagreements between Jefferson and Hamilton. His own cabinet split apart as Thomas Jefferson increasingly dissented from the economic policies proposed by Alexander Hamilton, most of which Washington supported. Even more disturbing to Washington was the emergence of a new form of political activity where the public divided into opposing parties.
48. Madison was a leader of the Jeffersonian Republicans and Hamilton was a Federalist who believed in a strong central government. The role of Madison was to build a powerful, energetic government. The founders of the political parties came during Washington 's administration.
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Loose is the opposite. It said that the government could use "implied" powers, that weren 't necessarily written word for word in the constitution. These people wanted a stronger national government with more power.
50. Jay 's Treaty
Provisions: The withdrawal of British soldiers from posts in the American West, a commission to be established to settle outstanding border issues between the U.S. and Canada. Also a commission to be established to resolve American losses in British ship seizures and Loyalist losses during the War of Independence. Missing from the treaty was a provision for the British to refrain from the arrest of American ships and impressments of American seamen. Jay 's Treaty, perhaps the most important diplomatic achievement of the Washington administration, was received poorly in U.S. where critics saw it as a weak attempt at negotiation-allowing British to continue to impress sailors & restrict U.S. trade.

51. Events surrounding the XYZ Affair: In the wake of the French Revolution, relations between the new French Republic and the United States become ever more strained. Three French agents, publicly referred to as X, Y, and Z demanded major concessions from the United States as a condition for continuing bilateral diplomatic

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