Washington Blvd Observation

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On 6/19/16 at 2341 hours my partner, Officer Acosta #0044, and I were working patrol assigned to unit 3A22. We responded to a radio call of “shots fired” in the area of 101 W. Washington Bl.

Prior to our arrival, Sergeant Gomez #3196 arrived on scene and advised that there was a female, victim of a possible gunshot in front of 101 W. Washington Blvd. Sgt Gomez requested the Pasadena Fire Department (PFD), Rescue Ambulance, (RA) to respond. PFD stated they would stage until code-4. Upon our arrival I observed a female black, later identified as Victim Jazzmine Cage, lying on the sidewalk in front of 101 W. Washington Blvd, wearing a black bra and black underwear. I observed blood on Cage’s abdomen area and legs and a pool of blood on the
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Evans and I were able to get Cage out of the rear seat and we lifted her onto an HMH gurney. HMH staff took Cage to the trauma room, Officer Marin stood by with Cage until he was advised of her medical status. (See Officer Marin’s ADD Report for further details.)

I escorted Evans to the waiting room where I obtained his contact information and his statement. Evans stated he was walking southbound El Serrano Ave towards Washington Blvd when he heard what sounded like gunshots. Evans said he observed a female lying on the sidewalk so he ran over to her to try and help. I asked Evans if he knew the Victim and he said, “She’s a friend of mine.” I digitally recorded my interview of Evans and later downloaded the recording into VeriPic.

While at HMH, I observed approximately fifteen to twenty female and male blacks that stated they were family and friends of Cage. I attempted to obtain identification and or statements from them and they all refused to say anything to me. They stated, “I wasn’t there, I didn’t see anything, you don’t need my name.” Every person that was there to support Cage was very uncooperative towards my
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