Washington Dc History

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WASHINGTON, D.C. The capital city of the United States of America, known as Washington, D.C., contains the grounds on which local, national, or international affairs take place. It houses thousands of Americans and provides them with jobs. The city also attracts many tourists who wish to learn more about the nation’s past. The economic differences suggest that D.C., for some, is not the most ideal place to live. As one of the most unique cities in America, the history contributes to making Washington, D.C. the modern day city that thrives on tourism. George Washington chose the site of Washington, D.C. and appointed Charles L’Enfant to plan and design the city ( Donovan, 70 ). L’Enfant’s plans laid the city out on a grid with the White…show more content…
The National World War II Memorial’s Freedom Wall has 4,048 stars, each star represents 100 American lives lost in this war. A quote on a pedestal in front of the wall describes its meaning saying, “Here we mark the price of freedom.” The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial respect those who lived through or died during the fight. The three parts to this memorial include: the three soldiers statue, The Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and The Vietnam Veteran’s Wall, which names all those brave soldiers who gave their lives for their home. Arlington National Cemetery, the most notable of the memorials listed here, serves as the final rest place for former presidents, and immediate family, and soldiers who died in war. Arlington’s most defining features include, the eternal flame lit at JFK’s funeral, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ( washington.org ). The Washington Monument, one of the most unique sites in D.C., attracts many tourists not only for its beauty but also for its story. The monument itself stands at 555 feet, which makes it the tallest stone structure. The monument has two colors due to the delay shortly after is beginning. The construction began in 1848, but halted in 1854 due to lack of funding. Work resumed in 1879, but twenty-five years worth of weathering took its toll on the half completed monument making the color off from what the rest of it was built from. The economy of Washington, D.C. thrives on tourism and international affairs. The President, cabinet, and congress only make up a small portion of the jobs in
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