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Washington, D.C., or The District of Columbia, is the capital of the United States of America. In the summer of 2011, I traveled there for the first time because my dad would be working there the whole summer, so my family decided we were going to stay there for two months. That summer was filled with exploring the interesting museums and iconic monuments of Washington, D.C. We even took a train to New York and stayed there for a couple of days. We’ve been to Washington D.C. twice since. First off, we commenced our long trip with a very long drive. The drive was twenty hours, which is forty hours total if you include the drive back. Unfortunately, I tend to get very nauseous on road trips, so as you can imagine that was not the way I wanted to start off the trip. Although, we did go through Kentucky, so we stopped by the Kentucky Derby Museum. This was five years ago, so I don’t really remember this very well. Eventually, we had arrived at Arlington, Virginia. My family got to stay in an apartment. Unsurprisingly, I was really excited to be staying somewhere other than a tiny hotel for once. I had never stayed in an apartment before. I didn’t know this at the time, because my mom didn’t tell us, but the yelling and banging I had been hearing occasionally was the prisoners at the…show more content…
We began with the Washington Monument, also known as “the Pencil”. We ascended to the top of the monument, and could see so much from 555 feet up. We continuously visited the many other monuments and memorials: Lincoln, Jefferson, World War 2, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, which is one of my favorites because it has several small waterfalls and statues. Ordinarily, it was torrid a majority of the days we stayed there. Everyone around there knows that Washington D.C. requires a lot of walking, which I didn 't
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