Washington Irving Autobiography

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Egyptian folklore in Washington Irving’s creativity It would be pertinent to mention that Washington Irving is one of the famous writers who have obviously applied to Egyptian folklore. Irving’s works, with the subject originated from Egyptian folklore, combine the Oriental characters. Such kind works of Irving were covered under his Spanish books. These books were dedicated to Spain and its history. Consider Washington Irving’s political activity as an American Ambassador to Spain, the dedication of main parts of his books to the Spanish history and traditions is quite understandable and natural. Having lots of time for studies of Spain archives, Irving had an access to the valuable information resources. The Spanish books among the collection of Irving’s works differ with their distinct characters, heroes, subjects, customs and traditions. In 1828 according to the event on opening of the Spanish archives for the investigators, Washington Irving was invited to Spain by Alexander Hill Everett, the US Minister to Spain. The opened Spanish archives by Spanish Government included the valuable documents with the information and historical truths on Spanish subjugation of America. Being aware of possibility of Irving’s pen, the US Minister to Spain, Alexander Hill Everett, invited him to figure out the truths concerning the history of Europeans including Spanish and the real formulation processes of the American colonies and country [1, 21/10/2015]. As a result of this

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