Washington Jones: Comparing The Book And Movie

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Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was a large woman. She was walking home one night and a boy tried to take her purse. The boy’s name was Roger. He was the boy that tried to steal the lady’s purse. The woman fought back for her purse. Roger had fell when the woman was fighting back. The woman asked him why did he try to take her purse. Roger said he wanted some new blue shoes. Then Roger had went home with Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. When they got there she made him wash his face. After that she asked him was he hungry. Roger told her that he wasn’t hungry. She told Roger that if he wanted a new pair of shoes he could’ve just asked. Then she cooked for him because she knew she was hungry. Mrs. Jones asked him if he had anybody at home that would’ve taught him better. He told her nobody was home. After that the boy was left alone while the lady went to go do something. He didn’t want to run because he never knew what it felt like to be trusted. He wanted the lady to trust him so he didn’t run. At the end, Mrs. Jones gave Roger money for the blue shoes.…show more content…
In the movie it was day time. In the book it was night time. When we watched the movie she gave Roger $20. When we read the book she gave him $10. In the story Mrs. Jones’ strap broke. In the movie her strap didn’t break. There were also some similarities in the movie and book. They were both black in the book and movie. They weren’t always a good person in the movie and book. They both had their same gender in the movie and
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