Washington Mock's Abuse In American Football

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Offense Washington Redskins are ranked 25th in total offense in the NFL. They’re averaging 243.4 passing yards per game, along with just 96.2 yards rushing per game. Washington uses a combination of three running backs with Alfred Morris, Matt Jones, and Chris Thompson. Morris and Jones are only averaging 3.6 yards a carry while Thompson is averaging 7.1 yards a carry with only 27 carries. Jones has a fumbling problem which he has four fumbles so far this season. Alfred Morris is only averaging 43.8 yards per game, Jones 35.1 yards per game, and Thompson just 19.1 yards per game. Defense Ranked 22nd in total defense in the NFL the Redskins are giving up a whopping 126.6 rushing yards per game. This defense is also allowing 24.3 points per game.…show more content…
One other problematic he tends to have is not knowing that he can’t engage in blocking a defense back while the ball is still in the air. No points off turnovers One thing I noticed while watching the Giants vs Redskins game on Sunday that Manning threw three costly interceptions. But Washington’s offense could not score one single point off those three turnovers. That simply can’t happen if you expect to win football games. No matter how good you think your team is you can’t leave points on the field especially when your defense gives you three opportunities to score points. Kirk Cousins Yes Kirk Cousins is having a good season so far as Redskins starting quarterback. He has some games where he looked pretty good, and then has some games where he throws you about two picks, including looking awful. Cousins will throw you gifts at times it’s just you have to be there at the right time in order to capitalize on those gifts. He’s thrown 10 interceptions so far in the season with four games where he only threw one touchdown with two interceptions, and in those same four games the Redskins have lost each one of

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