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This article was posted by Fred Brown and he argues about if calling Washington’s National Football League team is problematic. Nonetheless, the poll results show that it is not. He also discusses that although the Native Americans are not insulated, other people should endorse this controversy. As it was stated on this article, the Washington Post last week published the outcome of a survey of 504 Native Americans ( also called American Indians ) in regards to what is their reaction about the name of Washington’s National Football League team, the Redskins. Furthermore, Brown had written a column in 2005 and 2013 arguing that the team should consider changing their name, he also talked about the history of of the name, the redskins were…show more content…
What is more surprising that the vast majority of the Native Americans surveyed that 73 did not find the term rude. Some of the people told the post that they like the word and used it to call each other. As a matter of fact, the previous surveys demonstrate that more non-Indians 23 percent and people around Washington 28 percent were bothered by the team name than Native Americans were. Moreover, Brown states that the post survey made him understand a few elements. First, it is a good exercise for him or anyone else not to make assumptions that we know how other people feel without talking to those people. Brown thought Native Americans would get flustered by the name “Redskins.” The survey demonstrates that the vast majority do not care. He also states It is also crucial that when new information, such as this survey, becomes available, we think about the information. Things change, and everyone has to be prepared to change how they feel about different subjects as new facts are explored. It is not polite for anyone, kid, presidential candidate or sportswriter to change your mind, no matter what. Such people are not really thinking; they are just being relentless. Lastly, he states that “ So while I still think it would be nicer if the Redskins changed their name — some Native Americans, after all, are bothered by the name — I no longer think it is that important an issue. After all, if most Native Americans are not upset by the name, why should someone like me, who is not a Native American, insist on a change? After all, it’s just the name of a sports
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