Wasp Film Analysis

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Amritpal Singh
Katrin Bowen
Film 101 A
March 6, 2018
Film Journal
As we 've watched these 7 films in the class before our midterm:
• Wasp
• Metropolis
• The Bicycle Thief
• 400 Blows
• Incendies
• Farewell My Concubine
• Earth
In this journal, I will discuss their historical, gender and aesthetic analysis according to my viewpoint.
Wasp is a short movie written and directed by Andrea Arnold in 2003 in the United Kingdom. In this movie, a woman is shown struggling as a single mother of four kids determining not to let them become an obstacle in her way to regaining a relationship with her old ex-boyfriend. This movie represents the situation of the female gender who wants to have a relationship with someone and don 't want to
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He becomes successful in finding a job, but it needs a bicycle for him to achieve that job. He buys a bicycle, but it gets stolen by someone by the first day of his job. During the whole movie, he got busy in finding his bicycle with his small boy and at last, on his failure to find his stolen bicycle, he got crazy and steal a bicycle but got caught immediately by the public. It is a normal movie with normal and common camera moves and screened in the black and white light but gives a very good lesson and story. Everyone says that he should not do that in the end as his boy was also standing nearby him who would be negatively affected by his father 's wrong move of stealing a bicycle. That 's a good saying by people but I think he (the child) would not get negatively affected because after his father stole the bicycle, he was beaten by the public and the public was going to call the police. That whole scene was also being sawed by the kid and, obviously, he got it that wrong move results in wrong outputs. It is a very good dramatic movie to see and everyone must see this…show more content…
This movie explains the effects of ‘political turmoil’ in the 1950-60s on the lives of people individually in which two males and a woman were shown to be affected. This movie literally shows the human violence on the Human Rights where the children were constrained to get training for Peking Opera. It is a nice movie to see and the camera effects are also very good as the finger cutting scene of the guy seems to be real. This is a Chinese ‘taboo’ type movie having a good story but was unable to get my strict attention towards it. Overall it is a good movie to know about the historical life of people of

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