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The tyre industry plays a very important role as an auto component in the vehicle segment. Tyre and tube are the basic supplement to the automotive vehicles is of utmost importance to countries economy. Tyres are used for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, light vehicles, etc. The major players in global tyre industry are Goodyear, MRF, Apollo, CEAT, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, etc. Global tyre industry is tending for a clear and definite shift from the developed North American and west Europeans countries to the developing Asian giants with China and India leading the pack. The rapid growth of Chinese and Indian economies has driven the auto industry
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Setups performed in-line-on the tool with respect to the product take away from production time and may be classified as lose of tonnage or wastage.

This paper focuses that, setup procedures should be analyzed to see if they can be done in parallel, synchronized off line, to allow production to continue. Alternatively, process can be analyzed for observing the wastage which can be eliminated. This paper uses Set up Reduction Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) technique and the implementing of data is calculated and collected.

Setup Reduction: At the Heart of Lean Manufacturing
Albert, Mark (Apr 2004)

Doug Parham says that although creating the element breakdown spreadsheet can be tedious it is worth the effort. The existing setup procedures can be objectively analyzed he goes on to say. This is very essential to process of manufacturing

This way the whole process can be quantized thereby reducing the human factor and taking out some of the emotion from the setup reduction event. Doug Parham also says that "It has to be clear that this is not about finding fault, but about turning good processes into better
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The mixed batch is then dropped on a batch off mill for further mixing to form the rubber compound and then in to a sheet form. The rubber in sheet form is then passed through a conveyor and stacked on skids. Each type of rubber compound is specifically compounded for tyre performance. • There are several defective parts (due to machines e.g. Wig-Wag)
• Sometimes PPC Schedules are not met (incentive based system)

BEAD WINDING SECTION: The bead building machine manufacturers beads for all types of Tyres. Bead building machine consists of a lot of strands, for each strand of wire spools, which is brought together and coated on an extruder with a layer of rubber compound and then wound on a check which determines the final diameter... The functions of beads in a tyre are to anchor the tyre while mounting rims of vehicles.
• Some beads don’t meet the specification due to change in velocity during the process

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