Waste In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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How wasteful!
(An Analysis on Fitzgeralds ideas of waste in the American Dream)
“Diamonds are a girl 's best friend” a quote by Marilyn Monroe easily defines materialism as an integral. Many people put simple goods over everything else and that 's all they spend their money on. Almost akin to a lifestyle midlife crisis, they only find joy from cars and clothes and fancy houses, and receiving cars and clothes and fancy houses. Citizens sacrifice relationships to obtain these materialistic objects and it shows how morbid an average lifestyle has become; especially after the twenties. “The Great Gatsby” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald simulates these materialistic habits. To summarize the book, Nick, the narrator, moves to East Egg near New York City and is neighbors with Gatsby. He (Nick) gets caught up in the drama between Myrtle Wilson, Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby. Gatsby is madly in love with Daisy and spends his abbreviated life in a desperate act to get her to leave Tom and be with him. Most of the people in the book are practically dripping with money and they an abundance of their time spent getting wasted drunk and tossing their money in all directions. The author of this novel, Fitzgerald bring out the issue of waste in the “American Dream” with energy, opportunities and own possessions with his literary devices.
Notably, with new inventions and a high demand for cars and electricity, energy went down the drain rapid in the story, “The Great Gatsby”. The
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