Garbage Ethical Issues

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The primary ethical issues and the causes of the waste crisis are synonymous, as each cause has a host of ethical questions that needs answering. These include the distancing of waste, the growing industrial life, economic globalization, economic inequality, the increasing of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste, the capitalist worldview and the information control by advertising and media. The secondary ethical issues, which are as a result of the primary ethical issues, include the effects of a consumerist culture, intense individualism, the rise of corporatism, intense materialism and morality of free market in determining values.

Clapp (2010) explores
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[…] Sometimes a community might take precedence over individuals; a system should not.” Furthermore, she elaborates on the consequences of individualism: it could give rise to corporatism, it is connected with a loss of respect for ourselves, others and the environment, it is a response to globalization, it is a new form of community and it causes a lack of consensus on values, which ushers in situational ethics (moral relativism), as a solution. We have lost the ability to agree that anything is inherently wrong; consequently societies are forced to become legalistic societies, as the law provides the bottom line on shared values.

Most of the effects of individualism are visible or have been implied in the WALL-E movie. It is because of intense individualism, globalization and capitalism that the earth is covered in waste. This problem is largely as a result of BNL; the only corporation represented by a select few that make decisions for all concerned. The false community on the Axiom is controlled by BNL, and the system has taken precedence over individuals, as everyone is expected to compile with the
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Wikipedia highlights that the 1940s and 1960s form part of the Golden Age of musical theatre. These musicals communicated the ideals of the American dream, with a strong focus on love relationships that find their stability in marriage and emphasized the importance of the parents as the moral fibre of the home. What makes Hello, Dolly! significant is the fact that at its essence it is a musical about searching for connection, romance and love. WALL-E too longs for connection, romance and love and therefore the musical Hello, Dolly! represents the metaphor, which expresses his core desires and longings. But, it also represents a far deeper meaning; it communicates the message that humans have lost their humanity; their connection, their love, their romance, their creativity and their
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