Improper Waste Essay

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Background to the study
Commonsensically, almost every human activity leads to the generation of one form of waste or the other. As one walks while sucking water or ice cream, out of a sachet, building a structure, designing a new cloth out of a fabric, industrial activities, etc. all lead to waste generation. The greater the number of people living in a particular area, the greater the amount of waste generated. However, how these wastes are managed is an issue, which is of interest to this study. The general increase in world population has led to a corresponding rapid increase in waste generation across the globe. Whenever archaeologists have unearthed ancient city, they find its midden or trash heap. That is to
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Clean environment enhance general environmental quality and promotes good life. However, improper waste disposal has increased the rate of pollution and general environmental injustice in the Tamale Township. The issue of waste management is in a very poor condition in the Tamale Township. Heaps of solid waste is found almost everywhere within the township. Apart from the unbearable pungent smell emanating from these wastes, the general condition also poses significant health threatening problems to the indigenes of the town. They are often at the risk of respiratory ailments, cholera, and other dirt related diseases. Even though these effects seem to have not yet occurred to affect the entire populace, but the sanitary condition of the city if not controlled, poses the potential of these diseases to strike the metropolis. Puopiel, (2012) identified indiscriminate dumping, irregular collection of waste generated and inadequate resources as the key problems facing solid waste management in the Metropolis. He also further noted that, the recent increase in the use of polythene bags for packaging has seriously worsened the situation in the study area. This makes the above mentioned residential areas filthy and unattractive for living and that if the situation is left unchecked, he reminds us that it can result in the outbreak of communicable diseases such as cholera, and typhoid and this will affect people exposed to these unsanitary
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