Wasted Time Haiti Earthquake

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Wasted time. It’s something all people scold themselves for doing. But what happens when that wasted time means that there have been lives lost. That is surprisingly what happened in 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti(Brown). Rescuers had been wasting time setting up security instead of helping those in need(Brown). Because of this many have argued that disaster relief programs need to be improved(Brown). Improvements need to be made in the organization the response and the overall relief itself. Depending on the location it can take up to a week for first responders to arrive with aid and supplies(Brown). Programs need to be put in place so that when disaster strikes anywhere in the world we can reach them within 24 hours of a disaster. Criticisms have arose about the handling of disasters in the past(Brown). Improvements in these critical areas need to be made in order to improve the overall success and efficiency of relief and rebuilding after a disaster and to ensure that everyone…show more content…
Many news outlets had covered the topic with different viewpoints. “Many criticized this as a slow kickoff to an operation” (Brown). After the earthquake sources had said that all or many of the United Nations higher ups were having their pull security and prevent looting from happening. Many had said that this caused rescue efforts to be slowed(Brown). Not only were the UN slowing efforts down other agencies were at least 3 days out(Brown). The United Nations has a lot to learn from smaller organizations like the American Red Cross. The Red Cross has locations all across America in almost every major city. They are prepared for any disaster that strikes. Not only do they provide shelter food and water but they also provide medical care. The Red Cross is in the moment and not worried about people looting or what could happen. They are focused on what is
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