Wasteland Poem Analysis

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Ahmad Shahan

London-1968- December

Superimposed on a black screen is the sentence

“It is the age of suppression, it is the age of capital punishment- It is the age of rebellion”
Fade in:

Int. Basement- Afternoon
We have come down to the deep depths of hell. The basement reeks of stale urine and death. The paint on the walls is worn out, almost like as if it had been scraped off with a razor edge instrument. The room has been showered with stubs of smoked cigarettes- thousands of them. There is a small table placed right in front of two mattresses placed adjacent to each other- springs protruding out of them. On the table is placed a small 17 inch television which is in a harsh shape, with a dent right above the screen, probably from throwing stuff at it. In the lower
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Cut to:

Ext. Junk Street- Night
Ryan and Sid walk into a narrow alley, which has earned its moniker ‘’Junk Street’’ because of the drugs provided there. All the filth of the world gathers around here when darkness falls. Drugs, in any form, are sold, bought, exchanged, sniffed, injected, smoked and swallowed here. Just as Ryan and Sid enter the premises of the Junk Street, we are exposed to a whole new world. Ranging from teenagers to old grumpy gooses, you can see just about everybody either buying or selling junk. Some of them are injecting heroine, contaminating their whole being.

This is a dreadful place I tell you, this place reeks of death and fornication. Look at these people, they’re not humans, they’re savages.

Now don’t be a dumb duck Ryan, and don’t get all yellow on me. Ziggy will be here somewhere around the corner we just have to wait till he spots us

You’re still buying from that cheep crooked good-for-nothing junk head?

Well, he’s the most loyal provider around the block and his stuff is good, no chemicals mixed and sensible prices.

Okay get done with
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