Watching Movies Literature Review

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2-Introduction 3-Literature review 4-Significance of research 5-Research question

6-Research methodology

7-Ethical considerations

8-Limitation of the research

9-Expected results



Abstract To know The Effect of Using Movies on Learning English language
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It became easily in our hands and more affordable for people , I have wrote this reacrsh because I 'am big fan of movies I have spent my watching time in learning and development my English
Language , Watching movies improved my listening and speaking skill as well as I learned now Vocabulary , it’s a good learning technique .

Literature review:

Learning by watching movies is a good way to learn vocabulary " One of the most important aspects of watching favorite movies, such as, let 's say you love to watch movies crime after watching ten or twenty times or more you’ll start to learn vocabulary Related to the subject or the context of events or crime "( By baggio )
Practice after watching the film is considered a good way to improve your speaking "
Practice using expressions and words that are written make sentences or, even better, use them in conversation This is the best way to develop vocabulary and speaking "( By Guest Author on May 6, 2014)
My favorite and good feature in watching movies that you can stop the film any time you want to check up on your word and lasting to their Pronunciation . ' 'Pronunciation – one area in which a lot of
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it 's the International language at the present time the student must learn English not only because it is their specialty at the university, but because it is the dominant language in the world , in this research l will tell you how to improve your English by watching movies, it is the good way in order to learn english its combine the pleasure and usefulness , you will learn the real language used by native speakers the everyday language , Watching movies in English will

Develop your listening skill because you will hear the language in very natural way and it will improve his/her pronunciation , films will help you how to pronounce words verey good By movies you will hear the native speak to each other of them and learning new vocabulary by hearing the words and sentences

Research questions:

This research answers two main questions

Dose using of movies in the classroom will help learners to learn the English language at the university? ? and how ?

To what extent the use of film can help students to improve ther four language skills ?

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