Persuasive Essay About The Benefits Of Multitasking

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Many people may have heard their parents telling them that, when they are doing homework they must go into a quiet environment to study. This is a discussion stating negative and positive attributes towards the topic ‘is it ok to watch television while doing homework’.
Most people find it much easier to watch Television while doing homework because their minds work better by multitasking. It has been scientifically shown that emotional needs where satisfied the most by those who multitask. Even know, people have knowledge on that by multitasking it actually hurts the performance but they do it anyway for personal benefits. It helps explain why people do several things at the same time. Study researcher Zheng Wang says that there’s a myth that has been told by some people that multitasking makes others more productive. We have more technology toys that can distract our focus/attention from the current job but years ago sucking on a lolly pop and walking would have been considered as multitasking.
As seen before, many others can’t multitask and need to focus 100% on the task as that there is a high chance they will get distracted very easily. Psychologists and teachers get concerned for kids ability to multitask as that students take longer to
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Students get too occupied. So we all realize that two-thirds of newborn children and babies sit in front of the TV on a normal of 2 hours a day, kids under age 6 watch a normal of around 2 hours of screen media a day, basically TV and features or Dvds, children and adolescents 8 to 18 years use almost 4 hours a day in front of a TV screen and just about 2 extra hours on the computer (outside of schoolwork) and playing video games. This is terrible in light of the fact that as opposed to sitting in front of the TV during that time individuals could be going for a walk/hanging out with

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