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Watchman Nee Protestant ministers traveled to China for the faith, in the sixteenth century. Acquiring years of constant profession and prayer, in the outset years of the twentieth century. The Lord 's expansion in China flourished distinctly after the martyrdom of various Christians involved in the Boxer Rebellion. Countless believers, who were educated by the Lord from high school through college scholars throughout China, eventually became involved in the development of gospel. Amidst these students, Nee Shu-Tsu (Watchman Nee) was called and prepared by the Lord for His work. Then again, Nee Shu-Tsu, whose English name was Henry Nee, born of secondary epoch Christian parents in the Foo - chow, China in 1903. His father-like grandfather…show more content…
From the very beginning of Watchman Nee’s ministry, the Lord arranged his situations as opportunities for him to deny his soul-life and his natural life in order to experience the resurrection life of Christ. Watchman Nee saw that we, as believers, had not only died with Christ but were also raised with Him (Rom. 6:4-5, 8). Through his experience of the resurrection life of the indwelling Christ, Watchman Nee was able to bear the cross and to participate in the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death (Phil. 3:10). In the resurrection life of Christ, he was empowered to abandon the world, forsake his future, and deny himself in order to be freed from sin and to overcome Satan. In the resurrection life of Christ, he also served the Lord, worked for Him, and carried out His commission. Watchman Nee’s contemporaries bore witness to the fact that he consistently rejected his natural strength in the Lord’s service. He feared the interference of his ordinary life into the Lord’s work. In delivering messages, contacting people, writing articles, equivalent with the believers, and even in taking care of small matters, he endeavored to live according to the resurrection life of Christ. With such a living as his constitution, he was able to pass through his extended imprisonment and eventual

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