Watchmen Book And Movie Analysis

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Arguably one of the best super hero movies to hit theaters is the “Watchmen”, directed by the famed Zack Snyder in 2009. The film is an adaptation of the graphic novel, “Watchmen” written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons working in partnership with DC comics in 1986. The 1986 graphic novel release was an instant success that gained a loyal fan base, many of which wanted to see the novel turned into a feature film. Both the graphic novel and the film share many similarities, which was a tall order considering the complexity of the overall story. Although many portions of the storyline and character development are both similar and dissimilar between the film and the graphic novel, the complexity of the film does the graphic novel justice regarding staying true to the story. The story begins by painting a vivid picture of an alternate reality than that of actual events that occurred. The storyline is depicted in 1985. Russia is colluding with Cuba against the United States. The doomsday clock is set to four minutes to…show more content…
Manhattan and Silk Spectre II, who’s character name is Laurie, daughter of her famed mother, the original Silk Spectre. Both Dr. Manhattan and Laurie live together in a military research facility where Dr. Manhattan is working tirelessly to come up with a situation to solve the potential of nuclear war with Russia. He has been tasked with coming up with an energy source different than that of fossil fuels, which the world is very much dependent on. Laurie spent most of her life living in the shadows of her mother, often reliving memories of her childhood, and fell for the infamous Dr. Manhattan at a young age, when first meeting him. Both the novel and the film support that their relationship is rocky, at best. Dr. Manhattan continues to drift further and further away from the human condition as the years pass. After the accident that made him godly, it isn’t hard to fathom that he begin to lose touch with the reality on
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