The Hero's Lesson In The Film Watchmen

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Watchmen is full of superheroes, kinda. Superheros are people with extraordinary powers that others don 't have, superheroes also have the ambitions and values that a hero may have. These two things combine to make a superhero who they are. All of the heroes presented and seen in Watchmen have no extraordinary powers. These people are still considered superheroes because of there crazy need and desire to help others. Only one person shows real superpowers and that is Doctor Manhattan. He was a scientist who was turned into a god-like figure with many insane powers. With his powers he is the only man stopping two countries from a nuclear war between each other, this may make him the most important man in the world, however, I 'm not sure that…show more content…
Superhero” called the night owl. Though Kovacs likes to work alone, he found that he could save and help the most people well working with someone who had good resources for the job. This shows that he goes past his own comfort to maintain other peoples comfort and safety. After stopping many criminals and saving many lives, the government created a bill to stop all vigilantes. Rorschach was the only hero who kept saving people even though it was illegal. This really shows that Rorschach cares about people. He knew that even though the hero would be gone the criminals would still do their thing so he went out all nights to stop them. This would however eventually lead to him being caught by the cops and put into the jail with all of the criminals he has caught. This turns out to be very bad for Rorschach because he is now trapped in a building with all of the people that hate him most. Even though he was the good guy that put the criminals into the cells they sleep in he was forced to join them. He ends up killing multiple of the prisoners in there but only in defense. They attacked him so he fought back. This makes him look way worse because those people have already been caught, but well reading you understand that Kovacs has been doing the most ethical thing the whole…show more content…
He risks his own physical safety and his freedom trying to ensure other people there safety. When Superman is asked to stop fighting for good he gives up and lets the town fight for itself, however when Rorschach was told to stop saving people he basically said: “F*#k that, ill save the people that need saving.” He then continued to do what was right and continued to fight crime, this once again shows just how much he cares about people and how he is indeed a

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