Water And Water Pollution

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BIOSORBTION OF CROMIUM (III), LEAD (II) AND CADMIUM (II) FROM SIMULATED INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENT USING LOW COST ADSORBENT: TREATED COCONUT FRONDS (cocosnucifera) MOHAMAD AMIRUL BIN KAMARUDDIN BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Hons) ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA SEPTEMBER 2014 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background Environmental problem have been studies extensively during last decade years. The problem of environmental pollution has been increased from year to year. The environmental problem will affect the ecosystem. The most important part of ecosystem is water. Water plays the most important role in current ecosystem. If it have problem, it will affect the entire existing ecosystem. One of the major problems in water pollution is heavy metals. Water pollution heavy metals in water could affect the human through the bioaccumulation and bio-augmentation in food chain(Gonin and Serin, 2011 ;Neto et al., 2012). The major that cause the factor of heavy metals entry into the water colum is due fast industrialization and urbanization. Heavy metals that enter to water usually comes from chemical manufacture, battery industry, mining operation, metal finishing, coal-based thermal power plants, and geogenic/natural processes( Rashmi and Pratima,2013).Industries will produce large amount of waste water and it must be absolutely treated before discharge into surface water bodies system. Many method been use to remove the heavy

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