Water Bottle Persuasive Essay

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Throughout the past decade, the internet has become a significant part of daily life. Various apps and websites such as Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter are utilized as a way to connect with others as well as publish personal things. Additionally, these platforms have become a critical outlet for a copious amount of individuals to be discovered. For example, Justin Bieber rocketed to popularity through his Youtube channel while Nash Grier became famous through Vine. While these sources are used for that purpose, they are also a place where videos become viral, whether through comedy, sensitive, etc. Granted, a multitude of these videos are pointless; however, a few raise awareness for certain causes while others can be the starting point of a worldwide trend. An example of this, and the one I will be using for this discussion,…show more content…
Essentially, the basis of this video was for them to successfully flip a water bottle and have it land upright on a tricky surface. Throughout the past year, the water bottle flip has become an insanely popular trend, specifically with teenagers. While it first started with simply flipping a water bottle onto a table, people have attempted to flip them onto riskier surfaces. For example, in this particular video one of the men throws the water bottle over a ceiling vent onto a ladder, where it lands perfectly. Presently, our world has become extremely internet-based; we our constantly broadcasting our lives through the various platforms and are staying up-to-date with current trends. This particular video is a perfect example of how pointless activities such as flipping a water can become such an overnight sensation through the internet; similarly to the uselessness of “The Original Ooga Chaka Baby” video. This clip thoroughly depicts how the individuals today are constantly trying to stay in-tune with the latest internet fads, regardless of inanity of
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