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Water Colour Tattoos for Guys – Descriptions watercolor-tattoos-26.jpg This tattoo shows a handsome butterfly in strong, bold primary colors a with black lace detail towards the body. Notice how the blue paint “trickles off” just below the butterfly’s body, creating the illusion of watercolor paint running in a natural way. watercolor-tattoos-27.jpg In this tattoo we see a large, black wooden ship with its sails billowing in the wind. The sharp and sudden black ink detail around the ship could represent a turbulent sea that the ship is crossing over. watercolor-tattoos-28.jpg This is a strong masculine symbol of a ships anchor, a perfect watercolor tattoo design for men. The anchor is solid with straight edge detail and is backed with a bright…show more content…
Along the design are two large Zeppelins that overlap each other and another smaller one towards the end. watercolor-tattoos-43.jpg Tattoos can be striking even on a small scale as we see in this picture. A simple black abstract wing tattoo, on the wrist, is brought to life with the simple addition of purple and blue color. watercolor-tattoos-44.jpg In this tattoo we can see a figure with a soft feminine face who is reaching out and touching her own arm. The arm is decorated with a mirage of colors and flowers. The tattoo also has large sections of blue “trickling” paint. watercolor-tattoos-45.jpg This upper arm tattoo is an abstract design that shows black lines extending away from a hollow looking round point at the shoulder end. At the round end there are dabs of red and purple ink and these give way to blues and yellows on the outer lines. (48) watercolor-tattoos-46.jpg Superhero themes always make fantastic watercolor tattoo ideas, representing the strong will of men. This twist on the classic Superman emblem has softer lines but keeps to the original colors of red, blue and

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