Short Essay On Water Pollution

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Water Contamination
With the development of the human society, environmental problem has become increasingly serious. Environmental conservation, as a solution, has also aroused people’s wide concern. As one of the major parts of the environment, as well as the most important resource for human, water is a worth discussing topic.
The following paragraphs will mainly introduce you about the water contamination, which is a loss of water’s use value, caused by harmful chemical substance.
The cause of water contamination, those chemicals, have several sources. The first source is the domestic sewage. It contains only 0.1 percent of pollutants, and 99.9 percent of water. Although it seems that the domestic sewage is somewhat harmless, the 0.1 percent of pollutants can pose a large risk on water body. The pollutants mainly comes from detergent, sanitary sewage, and waste. The polluted water is non-poisonous, but carries
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The most serious problem is that it can affect people’s health. Some pollutants exist in the form of water solution. When people drink water, those chemicals enter human’s body easily, and problems may appear. Infectious disease is one of the problems. Virus survived in the polluted water can invade into the body defense system through the drinking process. Heavy metals also cause some trouble. When people take water contains heavy metals, chronic intoxication, teratogenesis, and cancer may occur. Another problem is the lack of clear water supply. Water shortage is nothing new for the world. Thirty percent of clear water is groundwater, when groundwater is polluted, we may experience a large loss of clear water supply. At that time, the problem of water scarcity become more obvious. Aquatic organism may also suffer from the water contamination. Heavy metals may causes death to some species, and unexpected nutrients may lead to an unbalanced situation for
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